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Wood shake is a traditional roofing material that is well known for its ability to withstand weather and the test of time. Roofing Sterling Heights offers unbeatable workmanship and affording prices. As a roofing company, we have decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge to provide clients with accurate information to make the right choices. As members of the better Business Bureau, you can expect that we offer superior customer care and accurate feedback so that you understand the choices you have for roofing services. If you’re keen to install roofing that has a classic appeal, wood shake may be the answer you seek. We provide authentic wood shake roofing that is of exceptional quality to meet the demands of consumers seeking traditional architecture.
Not Just Wood
When you see a wood shake roof, you are not looking at just regular wood nailed to a house. These shakes and shingles are made from cedar and other types of hardwood such as pine and redwood trees. Logs are first identified, then cut into the desired rectangular shape, and you will find there pattern and texture is unique. The shakes and shingles are also tapered so that are able to be layered when they are installed. The trees are cut from a sustainable wooded area and the majority of manufacturers hand cut shakes from their log source. These details mean you will have a customized look to your roofing this is rustic and traditional.
Increase Energy Efficiency
Hardwood is a tried and true insulator for your home. Remember homes were made from wood for centuries and they provided warmth in the winter months and were easily able to be cooled in searing hot summer months. Daily bonus links from Game Twist https://gametwist-casino.com/free-coins – Free Coins and Free Chips. When heat rises inside the home, the roofing material you choose matters and will have an effect on how much energy you need to keep it cool or comfortably warm. Wood is known has a natural insulator that increases energy efficiency so that if you are concerned about the cost of your heating and cooling bills, you will have the confidence that you have selected a material that is a good choice for your needs.

Traditional Style
There are few other materials that Roofing Sterling Heights works with and that you can choose that look as stunning wood shakes. They have a natural wow factor that capture attention all the way from the curbside of your home. Whether you are keen to reflect a Victorian-era style or rustic more rough style as in the case of farmhouse or colonial style, wood shakes have the flexibility and beauty to adapt to their environment. As the wood ages, you will find your roof looks more distinguished. When you call upon our roofing installation service, we guarantee you a customized look that will have long-term appeal that is timeless.
If you are considering the use of wood shake roofing, you’re probably asking yourself if it’s eco friendly and sustainable material. You can be assured that our wood is sourced only from renewable farming sources. Because wood shakes are biodegradable, and they can also be reused for other projects such as fuel for wood burning stoves they are not often found in landfills, taking up space. We are living in an era in which sustainability and positive environmental practices are critical. As a result, this roofing material has little negative impact.

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